The Row: the debut album by Siren

febbraio 24, 2015
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siren ph 2

Genre: alternative rock;

Label: Red Cat Records;

Distribution: The Orchard / Audioglobe



The Row is the first album of the Italian rock band Siren, published by the Red Cat Records, registered at the Studio Waves of Paolo Rossi in Pesaro, produced, written, arranged and composed by the band itself.

The musical themes inside the album are rather heterogeneous even though characterized by an energetic and mostly catchy unique sound in which found place other various instruments as well as: synth, keyboard, strings (violin, cello) trumpet and accordion whose role is not marginal at all in fact support or actually characterized some tracks.

The lyrics, entirely composed by the whole band, as well as the musical parts, are mostly concentrate on the paradox, the bilateralism, the irony and the brutality of the universal events, characterized by a peaceful resignation to them, in one side and a timid exhortation to react, avoiding the pomposity of being master of life, in the other side, where often society and the single individuals are, with all their contradictions, protagonists. There is no lack of introspections in which is rather easy and immediate to identify oneself. The audience is often actually free to interpret or imagine the message of the songs, in that way the interpretation key of the topics is just the mood of the audience in that moment.

The first single is Dr. Saint, whose videoclip, available on YouTube, has reached over 180.000 views in less than two months.

Watch Dr. Saint:


01 Swan’s Tale
02 Dr. Saint
03 Mission
04 Lonely Dance
05 Track ’92
06 Love Is Gone
07 Wave
08 Roger Sabbath
09 Carpet
10 Spit
11 Falling Down

Line Up

Samuel Frondero -Lead Vocals, Guitar-
Jack Nardini -Lead Guitar, Vocals-
Marcus Kawaka -Bass, Vocals, Synth-
Mark “Spud” Mckenzie -Drums-


Siren” are an Italian rock band from Pesaro, formed in January 2013 by Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals).
The Band members are Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals), Mark “Spud” Mckenzie (drums, percussion), with whom he attended high school and Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar) a childhood friend, together they had and on occasions at different times already collaborated on various musical projects. After about a year of working on March 2014 end the recording of their first album “The Row” (recorded at Studio Waves by Paolo Rossi in Pesaro) an LP of 11 tracks entirely conceived, written, arranged and composed by the band. In August 2014 Siren sign their first record deal with Red Cat Records. Siren are currently engaged in various live concerts, and looking into the possibility of a european tour.



Press Media Office

Frank Lavorino 339 6038451


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iLLacrimo The Italian-Hungarian alternative rock band present their highly anticipated self-titled debut EP

gennaio 27, 2015
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Genre: Alternative rock / Alternative metal / Hard rock

Label: Resisto Digital Distribution: TunesCore

Soundcloud Official:

YouTube Channel:


On January 26th 2015 is the release date of iLLacrimo, the debut EP by the hard rock band with the same name. Out viaResisto label, it has been anticipated by the first single/videoclip Chains In The Cold last October, after the preview of the song Non Credi (the video of which was presented exclusively on the group’s social channels). Recorded in Italy, mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London under the stage management of Matteo Cifelli (Betty Poison, il Divo, Helene Fisher,Mike & The Mechanics..), iLLacrimo is comprised of 5 songs that represent a little preview of the project and the direction taken by the band between two languages, two heritages, ballads and more aggressive stuff.


Burning Fields

1000 Reasons to?

Chains in the Cold

No Longer

Non Credi

Th EP shows the group’s main influences (Lacuna Coil, Evanescence) without copying any styles and following its own and interesting creative process. The most impressive feature is the voice of Federica Sara, the trademark of iLLacrimo’s sound, fused with Davide-Kristof‘s guitars. The video of Chains In The Cold was shot by Matteo Cataldo (MTV Italy).

Chains In The Cold


After a long way full of different experiences, two young brains meet again in a moor between fog and melancholy near Milano.Davide-Kristof (son of Janos Acs, an important Hungarian Conductor) and Federica Sara raise a project of European sounds, shuffle with the traditional Italian melody. The result is the perfect combination of iLLacrimo. It’s the begin of a collaboration with Matteo Cifelli for the recording of their first self-titled EP, mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London under his supervision. On 23rd October 2014 they have released their first single “Chains In The Cold“, signed by Resisto label.

iLLacrimo play live with:

Alessandro Napolitano (Drums)

Raffaele Lamorte (Keyboards)

Giovanni Lima (Keyboards and Synths)

Dario Vanoli (Bass)

Recorded in Italy and mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London by Matteo Cifelli (Betty Poison, Il Divo, Helene Fisher, Mike & the Mechanics, etc…), “iLLacrimo out via Resisto label, is available in all digital stores from January 26th 2015.

Red tears, black shadows, dolls and a thousand mirrors: this is iLLacrimo

EP link download zip:

Singolo link download mp3:

Band Contacts

Press & Media Office

Frank Lavorino 339 6038451

Skype: sgrooveman

Hollywood Groupies announce new EP “Bitchcraft”

dicembre 18, 2014
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The Italian hard rockers are back with four solid and adrenalinic songs which follow their debut album “Punched By Millions Hit By None” released in 2010.

band 1

Genre: hard rock/rock’n’roll

Label: Self / K2Music

Release Date: 17 december 2014




Recorded by Hollywood Groupies at Leonardo Maniscalco’s Rock Tribe Studio in La Spezia, Italy and mastered by David Campanini at Sonic Lab Studio, “Bitchcraft” is a four track EP that shows a songwriting of great awareness and maturity. Four pieces of hard rock punctuated by powerful and adrenalinic episodes like the first single “Helter Jester“, or “Get It On” which proves, more than any other song, the band’s evolution with its extremely catchy chorus. Then we have “The Empress“, played by an insistent rhythm section and scratchy guitars that create a hypnotic melody recalling magic somehow, which is the EP’s main theme: all the songs tell life stories in an mystic-esoteric way, giving the listeners the opportunity to have their own interpretation of the lyrics. Bitchcraft is the result of a few years of hard working in the studio and intense live activity, during which the band shared great stages with established international artists such as Twisted Sister and Motörhead at the Free Wheels Festival in France, and at the world’s famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Groupies changed their line up in 2013 when Ace moved from drums to rhythm guitar and Mirko, a Scuderie Capitani certified teacher, joined the band as official drummer, giving that extra value to the their sound. All these things can be heard on “Bitchcraft”, now available on the best music online stores like : iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp e Cdbaby.

Listen to the first single “Helter Jester”


1 – Helter Jester

2 – Get It On

3 – The Empress

4 – Sick Twisted Paradise

Bitchcraft cover


Hollywood Groupies were founded in 2006 by Foxy and Kelly, the female section of the band. From the very start, their sound is a mix of hard rock and heavy metal elements resulting in catchy tunes. In 2010, after a few demos, they release their debut album ” Punched By Millions Hit By None”, which garnered positive reviews throughout the world and got them on the stage of the Free Wheels Festival in France in 2010, where they played alongside with international bands such as Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Crucified Barbara and Popa Chubby.  In 2011 they played at the world famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles and in 2012 in London  In 2013 the Hollywood Groupies change their line-up: Ace moves from drums to rhythm guitar and Mirko joins the band as the official drummer, giving an extra value to their sound. During 2014 the group works hard in the studio developing a new sound that sees them take a new and fresh direction in a heavier but still melodic way. In December they release “Bitchcraft”, four tracks aimed to fascinate the listener with catchy moods and captivating lyrics.

Hollywood Groupies are:

Foxy (lead-vocal)
Kelly (lead-guitar)
Ace (rhythm-guitar)
Condor (bass)
Mirko (drums)



Press Media Office

Frank Lavorino 3396038451

Skype: sgrooveman

Barclay & Ichinose: mod vs rocker!

maggio 24, 2013
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A cura di B.B ( non sono Brigitte..)

Andiamo a parlare oggi di Barclay & Ichinose. Una band interessante, composta da due membri, Joe Simon Barclay (Voice, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass) e Randy Ichinose (Drums, Percussions, Voice, Bass, Guitar, Production). Il duo, formatosi nel 2012, prende ispirazione dal rock classicoanni ‘70 e dal pop anni ‘60, incarnando così il mod vs rocker dal momento che Barclay si ispira allo stile rocker, mentre Ichinose a quello mod.

Detto questo e sentendo i pezzi su Soundcloud si può dire che la band abbia optato per una produzione molto anni ‘60 per ottenere un suono simile alla musica di suo gradimento. C’è sempre un però comunque. I pezzi nel contesto attuale molte volte non funzionano come pezzi retrò bensìpost-rock: “The Scene That Celebrates Itself, “(The Clown) and The Giant Other Side” o “Life Is Passing By, un pezzone underground-americano di 6 minuti riecheggiando Patti Smith e altri giganti della scena newyorchese anni ’70. 

La voce delicata sopra un sottofondo musicale distorto di chitarre e timpani fa di questo pezzo decisamente il nostro preferito. “Five Out Of Four” è un atmosferico strumentale, mentre “A Nail In My Headèsicuramente il pezzo più vintage che accontentera gli amanti di Yardbirds e anni ‘60. Un convincente rhythm’n’blues, dove tutto è perfetto, dalla voce ai cori fino all’ assolo. Aspetta un’attimo…Ma dov’è l’armonica..?

Facciamo i complimenti e un augurio di buon lavoro ai ragazzi che al momento stanno preparando uno split E.P con un musicista post-rock giapponese. Il nuovo prodotto dovrebbe uscire quest’estate.

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Paul Weller – Jam – Style Council – biografia, recensioni, discografia, foto :: Onda Rock

ottobre 24, 2012
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Paul Weller – Jam – Style Council – biografia, recensioni, discografia, foto :: Onda Rock.

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tonyface: Le mod bands in Italia

ottobre 22, 2012
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tonyface: Le mod bands in Italia.

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Schizofrenico ? Sono schifosamente Quadrofenico !!!

ottobre 13, 2012
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Get Smart Roma

Traduzione in italiano del booklet interno all’album Quadrophenia (1973) degli Who preparata per il forum Living4Kicks alcuni anni orsono… Da leggere (a meno che non abbiate già letto la versione originale), ne vale veramente la pena…

View original post 1.792 altre parole

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Benvenuti !

ottobre 3, 2012
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Benvenuti su Italy Mod Station.Immagine

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forum di discussione e molto altro……. “…moving  and learning ! “

Here we are

settembre 20, 2012
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